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Navigating the Intersection: Providing 2SLGBTQ+ Mental Health Support and Case Management

Updated: Feb 4

Hope Leads' workshop on 2SLGBTQ+ Mental Health Support & Case Management

2SLGBTQ+ Mental Health, Queer Mental Health, Community Care

In January 2024, Hope Leads Mental Health Care facilitated a 2-part workshop on 2SLGBTQ+ Mental Health Support and Case Management with Across Boundaries. This 12-hour workshop aims to build capacity for Across Boundaries' leadership, case managers and staff in providing support for their racialized 2SLGBTQ+ service users.

Hope Leads developed this workshop that is tailored to the needs of Across Boundaries.

28 staff attended the 2-part workshop series wherein they get to learn key principles in providing care for racialized 2SLGBTQ+ population. Staff were engaged in difficult, oftentimes uncomfortable discussion as they challenge some of the stereotypes and stigma about this population that they learned in their own culture growing up. After the workshop, staff gained a deeper understanding on the unique mental health needs of racialized 2SLGBTQ+ service users and learned new skills on how to support their holistic well-being; that is guided by intersectionality, sex positivity, gender affirming and trauma-informed. They also get to practice what a meaningful allyship means as individual and as a collective.

This 2-part workshop goes beyond the use of pronouns and preferred name. Hope Leads Mental Health Care developed and curated the workshop that is tailored to the needs of service users accessing care at Across Boundaries.

The workshop ended with the team sharing their personal commitment in providing mental health support for the 2SLGBTQ+ communities.

If you think this workshop would benefit your organization, please reach out to us through email at and we would love the opportunity to collaborate with you!

Heartfelt thanks to our project associate Imogen!

Imogen helped Hope Leads in creating a fun, accessible and interactive materials, including a resource list for the workshop.

Imogen Tam (she/they) is a registered social worker who has worked with organizations such as Asian Community AIDS Services’ Queer and Trans Asian Youth Program (ACAS QTAY), Egale Canada Human Rights Trust, and the Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies at the University of Toronto. 

Imogen’s desire to work in the field of mental health was due to her own struggles to find mental health services that were able to support the various intersections of her identities.

Their personal experiences as a queer biracial person motivate the direction of their work. 

Within her practice, Imogen aims to work together to cultivate a strong working relationship built on trust and mutual respect. She hopes to create a space where individuals feel safer and in control of their own mental health journeys.

If you wanted to learn more about Imogen, please visit her profile at

How to support Across Boundaries?

Across Boundaries is one of the leading mental health providers for racialized communities in the GTA who are struggling with mental health and addictions issues.

If you wish to support Across Boundaries, please visit their website at

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