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Joelleann Forbes, MSW, RSW

Michael Adia, MSW, RSW

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Two black queer couple embracing.

Our Hope

We seek to provide holistic mental health care that is empowering, kind, hopeful, and flexible.

We strive to center the experiences of diverse communities from across the gender spectrum, while practicing anti-racist, intersectional, sex positive, and anti-oppressive approaches to caring for your mental health. We emphasize hope as a tool that leads to fostering community practices of care, including ones that value interprofessional, multidisciplinary, and transformative advocacy organizations.



We will draw from our lived realities as Black and Asian therapists to learn from the shared challenges our communities face. These include systemic oppression, racism, and ongoing inter-generational pain. We intend to grow Hope Leads Mental Health Care into an important resource for furthering community care, resistance, and joy.  We acknowledge that the capacity to provide inclusive quality mental health care is not only a gift but a responsibility.


We will help clients navigate the emotional discomfort and pain that comes from numerous life stressors, including encounters with racial trauma, oppression, and moments of being unheard or unseen. We will walk with you on your therapeutic journey towards a more authentic self, while providing care that is kind, inclusive, and open.


We will prioritize building meaningful relationships and connections more than the one-size-fits-all approaches to therapy. We acknowledge the specific experiences of racialized communities, and those who are often overlooked or excluded benefit more from treatments and interventions that emphasize holistic care and well-being. 

The following pillars inform

Our approach to mental health care:

Hope Leads Mental Health Care was built on a foundation of friendship and community care. Its founders have extensive experience providing mental health services, with a particular focus on underserved communities in primary care and community settings.

Our practice philosophy commits to empowering BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour) and queer communities. We challenge intersectional barriers to wellness in order to foster inclusive spaces where those who have been excluded can share stories without judgment. We believe in using hope to encourage intentional actions. 

Joelleann and Michael standing side by side in front of grass field. Light blue grey skies behind them


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